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Trust your business with us and discover the endless possibilities that awaits with the CLResource Team by your side.

Let us transform your imaginations(visions/ideas) into reality and make your institution speak in the ever-noisy marketplace of life!

We do this with;

  • Our Solutions
  • Our Services
  • Our Products
  • Our Free and Paid Resources

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Call Us: +234 903 988 5407


Covenant of Life Resources is a grassroots resourcing and development service provider with emphasis on Human, Natural (National), and Financial Resources.

Our Vision is Resourcing men; establishing the kingdom through Institutionalization.

Mission (Goals and Objectives)

We are on a mission to ;

  • Transforming Individuals to institutions for their participation in Territorial Transformation
  • Poverty Alleviation amongst the youths and young adult of the Nation.
    The median age in Nigeria is 19 and 64% of the Nigerian population are below 22 years old
We will do this by:
  • Providing bespoke trainings and resourcing men. EG, bespoke trainings on Commerce(Trading), Business Leadership & Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Contributing to the creation of at least 100 human resources(Employees), Traders, Businesses and Entrepreneurial platforms from August – December, 2024; transforming Visions into Ventures.

Our Core Values

(Personal Development)
Opportunity Maximization

We are a grassroot resourcing and development service provider.

Through Our Solutions (Product & Services)

  • Transform(develop) Visions into Ventures
  • Transform(develop) Prophecies into Structures
  • Transform(develop) Individuals into Institutions

Call Us: +234 903 988 5407

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